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Foxconn's new factory will produce 200,000 phones per day


Chinese news agency Xinhua reports that Foxconn subsidiary Futaihua Precision Electronics will build a new facility in central China's Henan provice that will primarily produce the iPhone.

Xinhua says that more than 500 employees are already working a temporary site rented from the Zhengzhou city government. Factory construction will start on August 20 and is expected to be operational in a year. Xinhua says the site will reportedly produce $13 billion (U.S.) worth of products for export, make about 200,000 phones per day and will employ nearly 200,000 workers, most of whom are expected to be from the Henan province.

We reported about Foxconn's earlier raises to its workers after reports of sucides among its workers. At the time, Foxconn said that it planned to distribute Apple production among new facilities in other areas of China.

[Via Electronista]

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