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Has iPad addiction contributed to its growth?

Keith M

There's a short post over at the Business Insider about the author's view of the success of the iPad, based on how interested (e.g., addicted) his kids are in the device. It got me thinking -- is the fact that kids love the iPad a good measure of its success? Well, yes and no.

In my gaming experience, technology of this kind can get outdated pretty quickly if something new comes to market. The minute something new and more interesting hits the stores -- and kids are speaking of the wonder of these new devices to their friends -- the older devices are suddenly not so hip and cool anymore.

I do wonder, though, how many iPad purchasers have found that other family members have stolen away with the device enough times, that they've just gone out and bought another iPad? Or maybe even two? While kids might be addicted to the fun an iPad can provide, their addiction is just taking the fun (and work) away from us adults!

Have you bought more than one iPad because of the addiction it's brought to the rest of your family?


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