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iPad data cost by country analyzed and charted


Sure, you may already have a general idea of how countries stack up when it comes to iPad data costs, but sometimes there's nothing like a good chart to drive a point home. Thankfully, the folks at Tableau have done just that and, while there may not be a lot of surprises, the differences in cost are certainly striking. As you can see in more detail in the interactive chart after the break, the United States just barely cracks the top five with a minimum cost of $12.50 per gigabyte, leaving it behind only the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, and France, which comes out on top at a hefty $25.47 per gigabyte. As for the cheapest iPad data in the world? That honor goes to Singapore, where you can use a gigabyte of data for a mere 51 cents. As PC Magazine notes, that figure is a tad misleading, since it's based on SingTel's cheapest pre-paid plan that gives you unlimited access for three days -- although that itself is still a welcome change from most other countries.

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