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Madden 11 PSP bundle touches down August 10 for $170


With two different PSP hardware bundles for upcoming games, today might randomly be the biggest day of the year for PSP news. In addition to the God of War: Ghost of Sparta Entertainment Pack, Sony has announced a bundle that includes Madden 11. If you still need a PSP before you're ready for some football, this is for you!

The Madden bundle doesn't come with a PSP in a unique color scheme -- it simply includes the Piano Black PSP-3000. But what it does come with is an effectively free copy of Madden. The whole bundle sells for $170, the same price as the PSP alone. (You don't have to be one of football's best coaches to recognize the appeal of that strategy.) The bundle will be available alongside standalone versions of Madden 11 next Tuesday, August 10.

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