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StarCraft 2 spoofs Apple with the iPistol


I'm going to guess that if you had any interest in StarCraft 2 at all, you probably spent the better part of last week playing it, as Blizzard Entertainment finally released their sequel to one of the most popular real-time strategy games of all time, and according to the critics, it's just as good as it was a decade ago. Just like all of Blizzard's games, StarCraft 2's Mac version actually comes shipped on the same DVD that the PC version comes on, which means that day, date and version are all available for us Mac gamers. Even in the days of Steam on the Mac, that's going above and beyond the call for those of us who like to do our gaming on the Mac.

But Blizzard's got another little bonus for us Mac fans -- the game contains the parody ad above, presenting the iPistol, complete with a dancing Space Marine showing off the personal weapon unit. Funny.

Of course the reference is a little dated -- we haven't seen those dancing ads on TV in years. But this game's been in development for a while, and seeing that Marine break it down is pretty funny, so we'll give them an iBreak on this one.

[via Engadget]

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