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Ys Seven eases onto retail and PSN August 17


Finally, that 12.5" x 34" space in the "cloth map" area of your room can be filled. XSEED has announced the release date for the beautiful collector's edition of Falcom's action RPG Ys Seven -- as well as the PSN version, for those of you whose walls are already completely occupied by cloth maps.

In all, three editions of Ys Seven will be released on August 17: the $49.99 Limited Collectors Edition, containing a 60-page artbook (containing art not just from this game, but also from the PSP-bound Ys: The Oath in Felghana and Ys I & II Chronicles), the aforementioned map, and a soundtrack CD; the $29.99 UMD regular edition, and the $29.99 PSN edition, which naturally doesn't include any bonuses because it's not a physical item.

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