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Dead Rising 2 Fortune City map unveiled


The shambling, groaning launch of Dead Rising 2 may still be over a month away, but that doesn't mean eager players can't start planning their zombie assaults now. Capcom has released a map of Fortune City, complete with a handy list of the various shops and locations littered about. A few locations guaranteed to house convenient implements of zombie death: SporTrance, KokoNutz Sports Town, High-Noon Shooting Range and, of course, Army Surplus Gift Store. Unfortunately, we're not seeing any cutlery stores on this thing, which could make the search for a katana a little difficult.

In other zombie slaughtering news, 360Sync has revealed the Achievements for the Dead Rising 2 prequel, Case Zero. Said Achievements are rewarded for building weapons, spending money at the pawn shop and, naturally, killing zombies.

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