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Mass Effect 2 DLC delivers 'Firepower Pack'


There's a fine art to negotiating with otherworldly forms of life. As Mass Effect's Commander Shepard has demonstrated on numerous occasions, it is sometimes best to put aside your intolerance and treat those six-eyed scumbags with the respect and dignity they think they deserve. But when diplomacy fails -- and it will -- it's best to speak in your native tongue WHICH IS BULLETS.

If you're done shooting the breeze with these inhuman invaders, try shooting the bejesus out of them with the Firepower Pack, a new downloadable add-on for Mass Effect 2 (available now on Xbox 360 and PC). A donation of 160 MS / BioWare Points ($2) will grant access to the Phalanx, a heavy pistol with a laser sight, and the Mattock heavy rifle, a "semi-auto beast" usable by those proficient in assault rifles. You'll also get the Geth Plasma Shotgun that hits enemies with a charged shot and at greater distance than regular shotguns.

Remember: Guns don't kill people, they kill aliens.

[This message brought to you by the Cerberus group. Firepower Pack not brought to you by the Cerberus Network.]

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