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App Star winners announced


The App Star awards are hosted by Appsfire, highlighting up-and-coming apps deserving of more attention. In the second round of awards the winners are: IsoCards, Mixr and LiveRider. We'll have more on these apps in the coming weeks, but here's a rundown:

IsoCards: $1.99 for iPad and iPhone. One of my first iPad downloads, IsoCards added the ability to hold your cards in your iPhone (or iPod touch) and throw them onto the table on the iPad. This is just a simple table and cards, but perhaps one of the best implementations of real-world game pieces on the iPad out there. If you want to play cards but are missing a deck, check out IsoCards.

Mixr: a DJ app for iPad, it isn't yet available.

LiveRider: a free app designed to work with the LiveRider hardware. LiveRider attaches to a bicycle and allows you to record your cadence, speed and session time. It will play music in the background, chart progress and more.

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