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CTA Digital's Move accessories range from 'useful' to 'gloves'


Peripheral company CTA Digital announced two new accessories for the PlayStation Move, meant to enhance different aspects of the experience. For those of you who want to pay even more to play The Fight: Lights Out, CTA offers the Ultimate Boxing Gloves -- a set of fingerless gloves into which you can secure the Move controllers. The Wii has the wrist strap, but thanks to CTA, Move has the elusive palm strap.

The other new accessory is actually pretty slick-looking, and even practical: it's a charge cradle designed for one Move controller, one Navigation Controller, and one Dual Shock 3. For the one-Move household, this actually appears to be an ideal charging setup. The company also offers two other configurations for Move charging: one for just the Move and the Navigation Controller, and one for two Moves and two Navigation Controllers.

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