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GoPro bringing high-def helmet cams to the masses, launching $180 HD Hero 960

Tim Stevens

If you want high-def footage from your lid you have more choices than ever, but if you're on a budget there just aren't that many. The 720p ContourHD is currently the best value at around $230, but we've received word from GoPro that the company is looking to under-cut that with the upcoming $180 HD Hero 960. We have scant few details about this new model, set for release this fall, but based on the name we're guessing it'll fall short of the current HD Hero's 1080p and offer a maximum of 960p, which should be plenty of pixels for most extremophiles. We also have to figure it will continue with its predecessors boxy stylings, but we'd certainly be happy to see a somewhat sleeker redesign.

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