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WoW Moviewatch: If You Gank Me Again


If You Gank Me Again is a cover of Timbaland's If We Ever Meet Again. Since the original featured Katy Perry, I'm actually a little familiar with the original song. (I like Katy Perry; sue me.) This parody is performed by Nation and Jennisfar, with the machinima created by JoshuaIRL.

The video for If You Gank Me Again is pretty spot-on for the material and keeps pace with the music fairly well. The voices feel a little muddled to me, but I think that's just the style. (Timbaland's voice was autotuned in If We Ever Meet Again, so in that sense, the cover singers were staying true to the original.) I like seeing Nation and Jennisfar collaborate, though, and I'm pretty sure that some of the video's rough spots are probably just from a new group collaborating for the first time.

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