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Did the Nokia C7 just get FCC approval?

Chris Ziegler

Sure seems like it to us. What you're looking at here is the leaked image of the C7's front (top) compared to the label diagram of a model code RM-718 that just got FCC approval, featuring quadband EDGE, HSPA 850 / AWS / 1900 / 2100, Bluetooth, and WiFi -- and if you ask us, the similarities are a little too plentiful to ignore. As a refresher, this should end up slotting in just beneath the mighty N8 while still carrying over the 640 x 360 display and Symbian^3, so it should be a good lower-cost alternative... you know, if anodized aluminum shells aren't your cup of tea.

Update: On second look, the alignment of controls and the headphone jack on the top edge doesn't seem to line up perfectly with the spy shots we've seen, and this one might be a bit more squared around the corners. Hard to say -- but if it's not the C7, makes you wonder what it actually is considering how beefy the 3G radio is.

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