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Final Fantasy XIV unveils the next part in the Making of Eorzea

Eliot Lefebvre

Any veteran player of Final Fantasy XI will be quick to talk about the marvelously detailed and realistic monsters found across the game. It's been clear from the start that Final Fantasy XIV will continue in the tradition, and the most recent video documentary released by Square-Enix demonstrates that in loving detail. Examining the production of the game's monsters in depth, the video is embedded after the cut and is a visual treat for almost any fan of the series.

As the video explains, the process of creating a monster for the game starts with the team essentially sculpting a virtual model at a polygon count far too high for use in the game. That model is used as the basis for the detailed and intricate final models, several of which are allowed to strut their stuff in the video. From the giant sea serpent seen in the benchmark to old standbys like the malboro, it's clear how much work has gone into making each part of Final Fantasy XIV's wildlife seamless and believable. Take a look past the break for the video, and if your interest is piqued, you might wish to try and get into the beta.

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