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Konami walks in a top-hatted shadow with 'Zack & Ombra'


Konami's Zack & Ombra: The Phantom Amusement Park reminds us of a certain other DS series starring a smartly-dressed protagonist and his young apprentice in creepy, mysterious villages. We're just puzzled as to which one we're thinking of.

Zack & Ombra, though similar in style, bears one major difference from ... that top-hat guy's games. Instead of strictly puzzles, magician Zack and his pal Polly take part in around 180 minigames to clear away the "pranks" left on Delphino Island by the eggplant-looking Ombra creatures, who threaten to ruin the island's festival.

This game is being directed by Junko Kawano, best known for her work on the Suikoden games, but also as the designer of Time Hollow and Shadow of Destiny. It also features animation by Studio 4°C (which reminds us of some other DS game with anime-style cutscenes ... ) It'll be released in Japan on October 28.

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