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Take a video tour of Apple's Covent Garden store


A UK site called Electricpig has posted a full video walkthrough of her majesty's latest Apple Store, which opened just recently in London's Covent Garden. The place is gigantic -- while all we get of the main sale area is a high-speed walkthrough, you can tell it's huge, with multiple rooms and areas for each of Apple's device lines. There are not one but two glass staircases, one spiral and one square, and as the video says, the whole of New York's Fifth Avenue store would fit inside the main area of Covent Garden -- an area that doesn't include the world's largest Genius Bar.

Good stuff. I'd like to know exactly where that huge wall of iPads is -- I'm guessing it's in a backroom somewhere rather than out among the public. But congratulations, UK, you've got one heck of an Apple Store there. Now for Jobs and company to build us something even bigger back here in the ol' US of A.

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