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Best Buy CTO tweets RocketFish-branded tablet pics

Joanna Stern

We can't say we're all that surprised that Best Buy's planning to start stocking tablets, but we are slightly shocked that its CTO Robert Stephens uploaded some pics of a RocketFish-labeled slate and blasted them out over Twitter earlier today. Beyond the shot above and the one after the break, we don't know much about the HP Slate-looking tablet -- although, Stephens tweeted later that it's a "form factor proto" with no guts inside. He had also said about a month ago on Twitter that "the tablet has a front facing camera....runs Froyo 2.2." We're assuming that he's talking about the same tablet you're peering at above, but we never know what those blue shirts are up to. Obviously, we started following Mr. Stephens already and will be keeping a close eye on him and his new, apparently non-functioning gadget. If you just can't wait to see what double B is working on, we'd probably suggest you do the same.

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