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Guy moving to New York wants a roomie who doesn't have an iPhone

Mel Martin

An ad posted to Craigslist yesterday is from an open-minded sort of guy who wants a roommate for an apartment in Soho. Sounds typical, right? Here's the catch: He insists that prospective roommates not have an iPhone or an iPad.

The ad states that "I refuse to live with anyone that has sold their immortal soul to Steve Jobs." He's also looking for a guy with Starcraft II experience, and wants any potential live-ins to post a link to their profile and to prove to him that they don't own an iPhone.

The New York Observer found the guy, Vince Thomas, and he said he currently lives with another fellow who is a Mac fan, and Vince says he "just can't take it anymore." Vince has a Droid phone from Motorola, and apparently he'd rather talk about that instead.

Vince has a point. Some of us love our iPhones. In social situations I don't bring it up unless someone asks. I'm even feeling a bit guilty about the 'Sent from my iPhone' tag on my mail. If I write Vince I'll be sure to change it to 'Sent from my wonderful Droid, which is so much better than the iPhone I ditched.'

On the other hand, I've been around a few Droid owners, and let me tell you, that's no picnic either. Good luck Vince. May you find a roommate just like you.

[Via The New York Observer]

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