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Molyneux: Milo currently a 'very, very big tech demo'


Peter Molyneux echoed statements made by Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg about Milo and Kate's status as a game in an interview with the Game Hunters. Molyneux said that "I don't think of it as a released product at the moment. I still think this is a very, very big tech demo. I don't think of it as something that would be a boxed product on the shelf."

He did say that players would actually get a chance to interact with something based on Milo, despite one major hurdle. "There's a lot of huge mountains to climb before that happens," Molyneux said. "The reason for that is it is enormously contentious for us to do a game, a story, an experience, about a boy. You are immediately appealing to all the dark thoughts of humanity." (We totally weren't going there!) Molyneux sees this taboo as a challenge, citing Up, a film "about an old man and a Boy Scout" as a successful transcending of this taboo that we didn't really think about in the first place.

The fact that Molyneux is in such a drawing-board stage gives us a clue as to why we can't expect to see it this holiday season.

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