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Fan Faire 2010: DCUO panel video offers more superpowered info

With an exciting backstory trailer having recently been released at San Diego Comic-Con, many have been anxiously scanning for any new scrap of information about DC Universe Online -- especially with release coming soon! Thankfully, for those who were unable to attend this year's Fan Faire, the team members at Sony Online Entertainment have posted video from the panel to their Facebook page.

These three videos offer a great overview of the game for everyone from relative newcomer to DC devoted, as well as explaining things in a bit more detail than we'd previously heard. There's also a brief Q&A with the audience afterward that may or may not answer some of your own questions. If you're curious for more news about DC Universe Online (or perhaps still on the fence about pre-ordering) then be sure to check out the hot new panel videos after the break!

[Via Misanthrope at DCUOSource]

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