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Tekken 6 leads Namco Bandai's Q1 sales


The North American release of Tekken 6 was the brightest spot on Namco Bandai's game release calendar for its fiscal Q1 (which ended June 30). The fighting title sold 1.07 million copies in the US in that quarter, giving a clue as to why Namco Bandia would be so eager to collaborate with Capcom on Street Fighter x Tekken -- it means more Tekken games.

The next best-selling game in the quarter was the third Taiko Drum Master game on DS, which sold 170,000 copies in Japan; Ben 10 Alien Force, a title published by subsidiary D3 Publisher, sold 110,000 in the US and Europe and the latest Super Robot Wars for DS sold 110,000 in Japan.

Overall, the "content" division brought in ¥32.9 billion ($385 million) in net sales in the quarter, up from ¥20.2 billion last year. How is it up with lowered sales? Well, this year, the visual and musical content divisions were integrated with the game division. So it's kind of a technicality. It only lost ¥619 million in operating losses, compared to last Q1's ¥4.1 billion

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