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Kmart holding inventory clearance sale; Wii, 360, PSP all discounted


From August 8 through August 14, Kmart is offering lowered -- and some dramatically lowered -- pricing on Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 (the older, less svelte models) and Sony PSP. As this is an inventory clearance sale, we're not looking at discounts on PSP Gos and brand new black Wiis, so much as the original Wii with Wii Sports going for $149.99 (normally $200) and PSP "Entertainment Packs" (think Hannah Montana's purple PSP) going for $129.99 (normally $200).

Remaining inventories of Xbox 360 Arcade systems will be discounted as low as $129.99 (normally $150), and 120GB Elite models will drop to $199.99 (normally $250). If you can find an FFXIII, Splinter Cell: Conviction, or Modern Warfare 2 "Super Elite" bundle (read: 250GB HDD), they'll be going for $279.99 (normally $350). We'd like to apologize in advance to all the Kmart employees about to receive a flood of customer service calls.

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