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Blu-ray releases on August 10th 2010

Ben Drawbaugh

Its the hottest month of the year in the northern hemisphere and there's not much new to watch on Blu-ray. Steve Carell's latest comedy might be worth a look if you are looking for a laugh or two, but with an IMDB score of 6.6, we wouldn't expect much if we were you. Two we know are good for a laugh is Warner's National Lampoon's Vacation movies -- we know you can't wait to see Wally World in HD for the first time.

Date Night (Fox)
The Joneses (Fox)
Crumb (Criterion)
Death at a Funeral
The Diplomat (Vivendi)
An Empress and the Warriors (Weinstein)
Invisible Target (Weinstein)
The Legend (Weinstein)
Tai Chi Master (Weinstein)
National Lampoon's European Vacation
National Lampoon's Vacation (Warner)
What's Up, Doc? (Warner)
Forces of Nature
(National Geographic)
Helen (E1)
In the Shadow of the Moon (Image)
Multiple Sarcasms (Image)
The Killing Room
(Genius Products)
La Mission (Screen)
Screw Balls II: Loose Screws (Severin)
Triage (E1)

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