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Fruit Ninja devs announce iPhone's 'Monster Dash' starring Barry Steakfries


Barry Steakfries, the deliciously-named hero of Halfbrick's PSP Mini Age of Zombies, is back in a new iPhone adventure. Monster Dash doesn't stray too far from Barry's skillset: instead of blasting zombies attacking him from all directions, Barry now runs endlessly forward, blasting every monster in his way across several different monster-themed landscapes. "Blast your enemies with the one shot Pacifier," according to the press release, "electro-charge your way to victory with Mr. Zappy, and look out for the ultimate in raining destruction – the Machine Gun Jetpack!"

Monster Dash will barrel into the App Store on August 19. At that point, we'll see if Barry's personality (and anti-monster violence) will be enough to propel Monster Dash into the same kind of success seen by Halfbrick's last iPhone game, Fruit Ninja. Check out a (live-action!) trailer after the break.

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