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Pokemon Black and White's colorful world map revealed

If you consider yourself a budding Pokécartographer, you should turn your eyes to the official site for Pokémon Black and White, which was recently updated to reveal the layout of Isshu, the region where the title's all-catching will take place. The interactive map, which can be viewed by visiting the site's splash page and clicking the link below the Pokémon White logo, shows a few screenshots of Isshu's varied locales, and gives a few hints as to how your quest will unfold.

Of course, much of the map is still uncharted by these little tips, so we've yet to see a few of the series' staple environments. You know, like the huge town with the humble casino and gigantic, unnavigable department store? The disturbingly out-of-place mausoleum tower? The final road you have to spend hours grinding on in order to beat the Elite Four? That place on that same road where you quit playing the game forever?

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