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Rumor: iPod event next week


A Brazilian site named MacMagazine claims to have heard from a source within Apple that the company's annual back-to-school iPod press conference might be held as soon as next week. This is simultaneously pretty likely and somewhat hard to believe. On the one hand, MacMagazine isn't really a well-known vanguard of the reporting community -- you have to wonder why they've heard about this event when no one else yet has.

But on the other hand, Apple of course runs a back to school program every single year, and considering that it's about that time, and that we've had a year chock full of innovation with the iPad and the iPhone 4, it's probably a pretty good guess that yes, sooner rather than later, Apple will hold an event to show off this year's iPod offerings.

And what might those be? Why, we're going with the perpetual rumor of a camera-equipped iPod touch. MacMagazine also suggests a new iPod touch would see other iPhone 4 features, including a gyroscope and possibly a Retina Display. It's gotta be true eventually, right?

[via Cult of Mac]

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