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Street Fighter pros offering paid lessons over Xbox Live and PSN

Let's face it: Nobody ever reached a professional level of Street Fighter superiority without the tutelage of their forefathers. Except ... well, except for the first people who were good at the game. Regardless, you can (probably) reach the upper echelon of Super Street Fighter IV players by signing up for a few lessons being offered by pros such as Justin Wong and Ryan "Gootecks" Gutierrez.

Of course, these lessons come at a price ranging from $40 to $50 for one hour of help, and are delivered over Xbox Live and PSN. If those prices sound reasonable, you can find more info how to sign up on EventHubs. Or, you could just give us $50, and we'll tell you to Hadouken over and over again until the fight is over. You can't go wrong with the Just Keep Hadoukening™ strategy!

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