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The sticky is up and the Store is down (Update: And back up)


I'm lying alone with my head on the Mac
Thinking of Apple 'til it hurts
The store is down, so what can we do?
Tormented and waiting,

We're all out of Store, we're so lost without it,
We'll be right, believing for so long...
We're all out of Store, what are we with out it?
It won't be too late, when the Store finally comes back

Oh, what are you stocking?
What are you stocking
Oh, what are you stocking?
What are you stocking

-- Apologies to Apple Supply, er, that is Air Supply

Let us know your predictions in the comments. Also, don't forget to ping us when the store goes back up. We'd love to know what changes you track down.

Update: Store's back up. Word is that the Mac Pro has been updated? Oh yeah, check out that 12-core. These are the machines that were announced at the end of July, but they weren't on the store yet -- now they're all showing 7-12 days ship time.

Thanks everyone who tipped us!

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