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Kane & Lynch 2's greedy, bloody pre-order bonuses revealed

When it comes to extremely violent heists, more is better, which is -- wait, what are we saying? You guys shouldn't really be engaging in extremely violent heists. Largely because they're against the law, but also because it's kind of a mean thing to do. However, if you're planning on taking part in a virtual extremely violent heist via Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days' multiplayer modes, you can gain access to a few extra pieces of content by pre-ordering the title at various retailers.

Check out a list of these bonuses and a video of them in action just past the break.

GameStop -- The Radio Tower - Glazer, the Expats crime boss, has been hired to collect dirty cash from an abandoned factory in the run down area of Shanghai where old communist monuments are soon to be demolished. It is the perfect location for a deal to go down and everyone will need to be ready to work together and be prepared to get in & out quickly with the $4 Million.

Best Buy -- Eight Chinese costume masks - The last thing any would-be criminal wants is for someone to identify them. Use one of the eight stolen masks to ensure you remain unidentified during the heist – keep your friends close – but your enemies closer. Play your cards close to the vest and see how things work out.

Amazon -- Comic Preview Pack - Exclusive Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Walking 16-page preview comic book. Created by DC Comics WildStorm. Written by Ian Edington, illustrated by Christopher Mitten with cover art by Ben Templesmith. Take a look at the first half of Issue #1 and get a taste of the mayhem Ian Edington brings to the world of Kane & Lynch. Also includes a code to unlock the "Goodbye Katty" gun.

Walmart -- Fragile Alliance Strategy Guide – featuring tips and tricks to help give you an edge over your teammates, your opponents and everyone else involved for that matter. Get the inside information before anyone else gets in on the job.

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