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Sports Illustrated subscription and Madden 11 bundled for $59


It appears Sports Illustrated's Madden 10 package was a success. Last year, the magazine offered a free copy of EA Sports' football game by ordering a subscription. This year, the magazine is repeating the offer, updating the deal with a free copy of Madden 11 (on the platform of your choice) and a "Making of Madden NFL" DVD. Considering the bundle is the same price as a standalone copy at retail, this is definitely a terrific value -- provided you can survive the "4-6 week" wait time for the game to arrive.

Once again, we advise you to watch out for the auto-renewal option if you do take advantage of the offer. You'll have to cancel your subscription before it ends, or SI will charge you for another year when the time comes. See, sports video games aren't the only business with annual business plans.

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