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Sprint rolls out 4G-only U1901 USB modem

Chris Ziegler

It seems a little early in the game to be going to WiMAX-only gear when dual-mode EV-DO / WiMAX modems are readily available -- but if you're feeling confident that your town's 4G rollout is rock-solid, you might want to take a crack at Sprint's new U1901 USB stick. Interestingly, it's got an accessory docking cradle (not included) with an external antenna to boost reception a bit if you're in shaky coverage, so you might be able to pull a signal with this setup in places where you otherwise wouldn't -- but still, not having EV-DO as a cushy fallback would take some stones. It's available now for $49.99 on contract; follow the break for Sprint's press release.

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High-speed Internet access on the go

Built to work specifically with the Sprint 4G Network, Sprint 4G USB Device U1901 is a small, easy-to-use modem compatible with both PC and Mac computers, connecting laptops or netbooks to blazing-fast 4G speeds. It is compatible with Windows® Vista, Windows® XP, Windows® 7, MAC OS® 10.5 and 10.6. U1901 provides access to Sprint 4G wireless speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G1 in those metropolitan areas across the country enabled with the new 4G mobile broadband service. Visit for a list of Sprint 4G cities launched to date. U1901 is ideally suited for companies wanting to deliver high-bandwidth solutions to workers on-the-go or for remote offices looking to provide basic DSL-like speeds2 to workers in the metro area. U1901 is also an affordable option for value-conscious, highly-mobile Internet users, such as high school and college students who want to browse the Web, send and receive e-mail, access information, and explore social networking and multimedia entertainment.


* Sprint SmartViewSM software installation via CD
* Equipped with two external antenna ports for improved performance when plugged into the separately sold docking cradle (visit and select U1901)
* Flip-up USB connector
* Easy hands-free activation
* Sprint 4G provides peak download speeds over 10 Mbps (average download speeds of 3-6 Mbps)


* Dimensions: 3.15 inches (h) x 1.2 inches (w) x 0.59 inches (d)
* Weight: 0.9 ounces
* Chipset: Beceem BCSM250
* Compatibility: Windows® Vista, Windows® XP, Windows® 7,

MAC OS® 10.5 and 10.6 with Intel platform.

For more information, visit

1 Up to 10x Faster claim: Based on download speed comparison of 3G's 600 kbps vs. 4G's 6 Mbps. Industry published 3G avg. speeds (600 kbps-1.7 Mbps); 4G avg. speeds (3-6 Mbps). Actual speeds may vary.

2 Comparison to DSL/Cable: based on basic cable and DSL plans offering download speeds of 1.5 Mbps (cable) and 786 kbps (DSL).]

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