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Double Fine's second THQ game coming in early 2011


Yesterday, Double Fine and THQ announced Costume Quest, the first downloadable project in a two-game deal, due this Halloween. According to THQ, the unnamed second project is a third-person adventure and is "scheduled to be released in early 2011."

It's not clear whether this game (one of four "smaller" games from Double Fine) comes from the mind of Lee Petty, Nathan Martz, or Brad Muir -- the other three developers listed during Double Fine head Tim Schafer's talk at Develop -- but we've asked THQ for clarification. Given what we know about the three other titles, the unnamed game could be anything from "sort of retro but also new" (Petty's) to one that "focuses on gameplay mechanics" (Muir's). Frankly, we can't imagine why anyone would base a whole game on the lives of gameplay mechanics. Do they just come in and fix your gameplay?

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