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Rhode Island politicians speak out against 38 Studios deal

Though 38 Studios hasn't yet released a video game, it's already bringing together a particular community of people: Rhode Island politicians. The state's Economic Development Corporation (EDC) recently lured the studio over from its current home in Massachusetts with the promise of a $75 million loan -- a sum which just about every Gubernatorial candidate from the state has taken to publicly criticizing since it was first announced.

For instance, Independent candidate Lincoln Chafee called for "the Board to suspend the commitment to 38 Studios," and to reconsider whether its the best way for Rhode Island to spend the loan. Moderate candidate Ken Block released a statement saying "seventy-five million dollars could go a long way to help many small businesses here in Rhode Island," also calling for the deal to be halted. Don't these guys realize that their campaigning might just be imperiling the stability of 450 futurejobs? Cut it out!

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