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Rising Star Games sees a Deadly Premonition in Europe


Deadly Premonition, Access Games' creepy, low-budget survival horror adventure starring an insane FBI investigator, is on the way to Europe. Former Marvelous partner and "Home of Japanese Games" Rising Star Games will publish the surreal open-world Xbox 360 game in Europe this "autumn," for £24.99 ($39), which isn't quite as wallet-friendly as the North American release's $19.99 price point, but is still less than full price.

In the press release, Rising Star noted the unusual range of reactions from reviewers, including IGN's 2/10 review. Seriously, this quote is in the press release announcing the game: "Awful in nearly every way... Terrible controls. Terrible pacing. Terrible sound effects. Terrible visuals." Absolutely everything about this game is insane, even the people publishing it.

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