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Sam's Club soon offering free WiFi in all US locations

Tim Stevens

Hit a Sam's Club on a weekend afternoon and you'll notice not everyone is there to stock up on raisin bran and Fruit Loops. Some come to sample the wares; running to toaster ovens staffed by kind old ladies and tearing freshly warmed Hot Pockets from their arthritic hands. Soon shoppers will have another thing to pilfer: the internet. Sam's Club is working with AT&T to add free WiFi to all its stores by November, allowing shoppers to tell their Facebook friends how many bulk packs of toilet paper they can stuff in those giant shopping carts. The store will also enable connectivity for its IPTVs so that customers can sample Pandora on the like before deciding which set to take home. No word on whether stores will feature associates pulling WiFi access codes out of toaster ovens in batches of 10 at a time, but we sure hope so -- that kind of thing just adds to the fun of the hunt.

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