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There may be a fix coming for the AT&T Microcell

Mel Martin

Last weekend I reported on some apparently widespread problems with the AT&T Microcell, particularly in regard to the iPhone 4. The AT&T and Apple support boards are still filled with comments from irate customers who can barely hear the people calling them because the audio is breaking up unless you are right next to the MicroCell device.

I called in my trouble report to AT&T a few days ago, and today I was surprised to hear from a tech support person. She asked if I had used the MicroCell lately, and I said I hadn't because it was pretty much useless. She told me in the last couple of days a 'script' had been sent to my unit, and asked me to try again. Since she called me on my iPhone I walked around the house, and quite a distance out in the yard to test it. The call was fine. I've used my iPhone several times today, all with good results.

I can't say it is a permanent fix, but whatever they did, it has worked for me so far. If you've had MicroCell problems I'd strongly suggest you file a trouble report, and if you have, be sure to follow up with AT&T. The tech support number that deals with MicroCell issues is 877-998-5175. Ask them to download the mysterious 'script' to your MicroCell and hope for the best.

I had thought this was completely an iPhone 4 issue, but the tech I talked to said there are issues on some other phones as well. The jury is still out on whether this is a real solution, but at least in my case I haven't heard any bad audio since AT&T downloaded the fix to my MicroCell.

Let us know your experiences, good or bad!

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