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Verizon Motorola Droid 2 sales begin (update: product walkthrough video)


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Is it tomorrow already? Must be because the Droid 2 is now up for sale on Verizon. $199 plus a two-year commitment takes home this Android 2.2 (Froyo) QWERTY slider with 3.7-inch 480x854 WVGA display, 8GB of internal memory plus another 8GB on microSD, and 5 megapixel camera. And unlike the original Droid just updated with Android 2.2, Verizon hasn't crippled the 3G mobile WiFi hotspot capability this time, instead offering it as a $20 / month add-on. Order now if you can't wait for Thursday's in-store availability or the R2-D2 edition slated to arrive next month.

Update: Hey, it looks like our ol' pal Derek is back, this time walking us through the finer points of Motorola's new Droid 2. Hop on past the break for his refreshingly enthusiastic take.

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