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Breakfast Topic: Can't we all just get along?


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Ever since I first looked at my character's skill list (almost six years ago now) and saw there was actually a skill bar for languages, I have had an idea planted in my head. If my character has the technical ability to learn languages in WoW, why couldn't I choose to learn Orcish? This notion led me further to ask, "Why can't I be in a cross-faction guild consisting of both Alliance and Horde races, working together to accomplish great deeds?" When I relayed this idea to my guildies at the time, one guy actually told me it was the stupidest idea he'd ever heard. Really?

There has always been precedent in the game for this kind of cross-faction cooperation. We can see it in groups like the Argent Dawn and the Cenarion Circle. Hell -- even the Twilight's Hammer is more racially progressive than the Horde or Alliance. And don't even get me started on that racist jerk Varian Wrynn. Oh, I know he was mistreated in captivity by orcs, but his mistreatment is nothing compared to what Thrall endured at the hands of humans, and Thrall's first instinct has always been of peaceful resolution rather than conflict (and for reference, I'm an Alliance player, folks).

So, hypothetically speaking, how would Blizzard implement such a drastic change in gameplay? We already have PvP servers, which I would consider to be the antithesis of the idea I'm proposing. Could we not have some kind of faction-cooperative server? Or perhaps designated cross-faction guilds on existing PvE servers that would be banned from open-world PvP? Since I'm primarily a PvE-focused player, this wouldn't really affect me, although I know that many, many players would disagree.

Would you, as a player of WoW, be for this idea or against it, and why? If for, how would you propose implementing such an idea? I know that many out there will be appalled by such an idea, but I can't help getting a little teary-eyed thinking about downing the Lich King with my best tauren buddy by my side. A beautiful thought.

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