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Daylite coming to the iPad


Marketcircle has confirmed that Daylite will be coming to the iPad. I've been using Daylite and Daylite Touch for years (here's our initial look at Daylite Touch). It's a terrific productivity suite that keeps me on task and working (plus it looks great). Daylite Touch syncs with the Daylite server I've got happily running on an old G4 iMac. As I said, I love it, but I've also been wondering if and when it'll move over to the iPad.

Work has begun on the app and they intend to have parity with the current version of Daylite Touch, so synchronization and licensing will be the same. I'm most eager to see how it makes use of the iPad's larger screen. The calendar in the screenshot at right looks great and so much roomier than the iPhone version.

Good luck to the Marketcircle team. We're eager to see what you make.

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