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Jumsoft offering 50% off Money for Cha-Ching customers


Yesterday, we posted that Intuit was basically discontinuing Cha-Ching after hiring the developers and purchasing the app, and it was a little disappointing that they weren't offering any upgrade plan. While is free (and some of the Cha-Ching know-how was going to go into the iPhone app), it'd be nice to at least get a discount on Quicken or something like that for current users. Fortunately, competitor Jumsoft is stepping up into the void -- they're offering 50% off of their Money app for OS X to current Cha-Ching customers. Usually, the app is $40, but if you submit proof of a Cha-Ching purchase (as I said yesterday, Cha-Ching was included in a MacHeist bundle a while back), they'll give you half off until September 30th.

Jumsoft also has a free iPhone or iPad app of their own to sync with. So if you need a new financial app because Intuit has left you high and dry, this sounds like a great deal. Of course, Cha-Ching isn't going to stop working just because it's not for sale, but going forward, it will eventually need to be updated along with OS X, so if you depend on it as a financial app, you might have to look at switching over. Good on Jumsoft for picking up Intuit's slack.

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