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Palm creating palmtop computer with detachable, dockable cellphone?

Tim Stevens

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Hold on to your Foleos, folks, because it looks like Palm still hasn't given up on the idea of a little laptop that pairs with a phone for wireless communications. However, where that former (failed) experiment called for entirely disparate hardware, here the relationship between the two would be rather more formal. In a patent filed in April and just dug up by Unwired View, Palm describes a "compact removable voice handset" and an "integrated palmtop computer." The two can communicate wirelessly, but more interestingly they can be coupled such that "there is minimal increase to the overall size and weight" of the palmtop -- in other words, the "phone" bit isn't particularly large, making it more comfortable to hold up to your face in a conversation than your Streaks and the like. Is there actually any hardware behind this application or is this just Palm daydreaming about a Foleo 2? We'll all just have to wait and find out.

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