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Scott Pilgrim Strikes Back against the Xbox Live Avatar store

So, Xbox 360 owners can't get their hands on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game for about two more weeks -- however, rather than stew in a broth of your own jealousy, you can recreate all the action of the game by dressing your Avatar up like its mischievous protagonist. Well, maybe not all the action. A whole mess of stylish, Pilgrim-inspired duds were recently added to the Avatar storefront, including Scott's ruby red bass guitar, Ramona Flowers' begoggled outfit and a handful of tees featuring sprites from the game.

Also added to the storefront were a whole bunch of Star Wars outfits as part of The Empire Strikes Back's 30th Anniversary celebration. If you felt like shelling out the cash, you might be able to mix and match the ensembles of Scott Pilgrim and Han Solo, thereby creating the raddest fictional character on the planet.

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