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The Daily Grind: New worlds to explore

Jef Reahard

Fantasy? Check. Science fiction? Not quite as many, but check. Historical? There are a few out there, maybe of dubious historical authenticity, but at least lacking orcs, magic, and ray guns (all of which are good enough for another check). If you haven't noticed, I'm making a checklist of MMORPG settings, and here is where I need your help. You see, after the aforementioned big three, I'm all out of ideas.

Personally I don't think any of those noted above have been done exactly right, so I'm always up for new takes on any or all of them. That said, are there any settings or genres you feel would make a fantastic MMORPG (or at least, one that would feel semi-original)?

Steampunk? Western? Real-life? What say you Massively readers?

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