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En Masse's response to microtransaction speculation: TERA is not a microtransaction game


In one of our recent TERA articles, we speculated that TERA may be going towards a microtransaction/subscription model thanks to the wording in a press release sent out by Digital River, TERA's online shop service. However, senior producer Brian Knox has sent us a statement that sets the facts straight: TERA is not a microtransaction game.
"After a press release by Digital River announcing our e-commerce partnership a few players expressed concerns that TERA would be a micro-transaction game in addition to requiring a subscription fee; that is not the case," said Knox.

"TERA is not a micro-transaction or cash-shop item game. The game is built and designed to function as a subscription-based game. We would have to make dramatic changes to the game's design to support micro-transactions and there is no intention of doing so."

Knox has gone on to confirm that the game will have character services very similar to the offerings of World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, and other MMOs. The company also didn't rule out the future possibilities of adding vanity item sales to the game as well, but that's not a feature the game is focusing on for now.

The rest of the statement sent out by Knox is as follows:

"TERA will have paid services, which could include character transfer, name change and gender change. We do not have a complete list of these services yet, but we will let you know as we confirm them - those services will likely be available inside the game."

"There may be a point in time of TERA's lifecycle that we offer "vanity item" sales, pets, and other items that players have enjoyed in other AAA+ titles.

"To clarify the press release further; Digital River OFFERS many options to En Masse to choose from for TERA and for future products we publish.

"We're more than happy to answer questions, and hope that this clarification allays any concerns you might have."

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