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Three new track packs available for iPhone Guitar Hero


The in-app music store for Activision's pint-sized iPhone port of Guitar Hero has been updated with three new $1.99 song packs. The first includes one tune each from Band of Horses, Coldplay and Nada Surf, while the second and third each feature three tracks from KISS and Motörhead, respectively.

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Summer is getting even hotter with the addition of three new, rockin' song packs for the Guitar Hero ® App for iPhone and iPod touch from Activision Publishing, Inc. Whether hanging out in the sand or by the pool, road tripping across the country or chilling at home, players will be able to rock out to tracks from Band of Horses, Coldplay, KISS, Motörhead and Nada Surf anywhere they like. Available for purchase through the app's in-game store, the song packs will contain the following tracks:

Song Pack featuring Band of Horses, Coldplay and Nada Surf
• Band of Horses – "Laredo"
• Coldplay – "Life In Technicolor II"
• Nada Surf – "Weightless"

KISS Song Pack

• "Love Gun"
• "Lick It Up"
• "I Love It Loud"

Motörhead Song Pack
• "Iron Fist"
• "Ace Of Spades"
• "Overkill"

Published by Activision and created by Guitar Hero veteran developer, Vicarious Visions, Inc., and built exclusively from the ground up for the iPhone and iPod touch, the Guitar Hero app takes full advantage of the platforms' functionality and features all-new, innovative gameplay that will keep players rocking out as they strum, tap, slide and whammy to the hottest tracks from bands they know and love. The game also features a robust avatar customization mode that lets players personalize their game; built-in social integration so gamers can share their scores with their friends on Facebook, check leaderboards and get updates through in-game news feeds; intuitive new mechanics that challenge fans to tap, strum and whammy their way to the top of the Rock Ranks; and the ability to download new tracks from an in-game music store; wannabe rock stars will be shredding on guitar or ripping it up on bass whenever, wherever they want.

Guitar Hero for iPhone and iPod touch is available for $2.99 from the App Store at and features Queen, Rise Against, The Rolling Stones, Vampire Weekend, Weezer and The White Stripes. Song packs are only available through the Guitar Hero app and cost $1.99 each. For more information about Guitar Hero for iPhone and iPod touch, please visit

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