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Die in a fire: A look at Rift's pyromancers


In the hearts of many gamers, it seems, is a deep and abiding love of fire. Disturbing, perhaps, but understandable. Almost everything is better with fire, after all -- and Rift's creators acknowledge this as they revealed their flame-happy pyromancer. Their motto is as poignant as it is simple: "I say fire is a weapon, a friend, a state of mind, and that the bold man and the craven burn just as fast."

The pyromancer has a singular purpose: destruction, and lots of it. Almost all of his spells are bent to unleashing wave after wave of blasts, flame and immolation until the pyromancer's enemies are smoldering wrecks. Following the long-range glass cannon playbook, the pyromancer is deadliest from afar, but quite vulnerable if an enemy closes the distance to melee. Fortunately, some of his skills help to keep mobs from getting close.

From chunks of magma, to classic fireballs, to fire-breathing attacks, the pyromancer is perfect for players who want to watch the world burn and be the ones who live to tell the tale. We're sure to hear more about this explosive class as the release date nears.

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