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Lasse Gjertsen's 'Consoul' now available on YouTube


You'll forgive us if we hadn't heard of "Norwegian animator, musician, and videographer" Lasse Gjertsen until this morning -- we're just not that cultured, apparently! Last year, he and his friend Trygve Knudsen made a 8-bit-inspired short film titled "Consoul" (no, not that Consoul). But due to YouTube's length constraints at the time it was completed, there was no way for him to release the short on his preferred medium. On July 29, however, YouTube added five minutes to its length limit, making it a full 15.

And just like that -- within two weeks of the new limit -- Gjersten has released Consoul to the public via his YouTube channel, which we've embedded after the break. Hopefully you're sitting down, as you need to be prepared for your mind to be fully blown.

[Thanks, Greatslack]

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