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Breakfast Topic: Kicking off a day of WoW


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The intoxicating breath of the gods, the aroma of freshly ground, freshly brewed java. There really is nothing else I have found that jump-starts my day like a great cup of my favorite coffee. When I miss the opportunity or have to wolf it down as I am running late out of the house in the morning, the day just seems drag or deteriorate into some form of chaos beyond my control. Those are usually the days that the car won't start, they run out of roast beef at my favorite sandwich shop, or the copy machine breaks down just as I enter the office.

As WoW loads, I start to look forward to doing my jewelcrafting and fishing dailies. I wait in anticipation as the loading screen vanishes to rush over and see if I can find the jewel in the sewer or have to fight five other people for the dirty wine glasses in Dalaran. No matter which are available, my WoW day runs a little smoother if I am not whisked away to do other things before savoring the familiar flavor of both my coffee and my dailies.

What is it that jump-starts your WoW day and makes Azeroth a great place to spend a relaxing day?

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