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Brink pre-order bonuses include Doom and Fallout equipment

Brink developer Splash Damage's Quakecon 2010 panel played host to a few neat announcements about its FPSRPG, the highlight of which being the reveal of the game's cameo-tastic pre-order bonuses. Folks who reserve the game through GameStop will unlock the Doom pack, giving their Brink characters access to armor, guns, hats and a tattoo based on id's seminal FPS franchise. Those who pre-order the game from Best Buy will receive a similar pack based on Fallout 3.

Of course, if you're looking for more unique duds for your Brink avatar, several online retailers will offer "Psycho" and "Spec Ops" equipment, which will make your character resemble a psycho and special operative, respectively. Neither of those sound quite as enticing as "Space Demon Fighter" or "Nuclear Wasteland Savior," but we suppose they'll do.

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