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Japanese hardware sales, Aug. 2 - Aug. 8: Transparency edition

There's nothing that hurts our feelings more than when video game companies tell us one thing and do another -- or when they don't tell us anything, and then do something truly bonkers. We cherish few things more than transparency, whether that transparency comes in the form of honesty from developers, openness from a particular company's executives, or a crystal clear glass of poison-free tap water.

Of course, some things should completely obfuscate our view of what lies beyond. Things like oh we don't know the bottoms of hot air balloon baskets? Or how about the bottoms of hot air balloon baskets. What about Japanese gaming hardware sales statistics posted after the jump? No, those are okay. See, those don't keep you suspended in the air, hundreds of feet above the deadly, deadly ground. Unlike the bottoms of hot air balloon baskets, you see.

- PSP: 30,397 16,206 (34.77%)
- PS3: 28,630 16,594 (36.69%)
- DSi LL: 21,018 2,102 (9.09%)
- DSi: 18,318 368 (2.05%)
- Wii: 18.238 1,800 (8.98%)
- Xbox 360: 5,639 1,290 (18.62%)
- DS Lite: 4,372 314 (7.74%)
- PS2: 1,524 80 (5.54%)
- PSP Go: 708 69 (8.88%)

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